immersive theatre with puppetry
50 minutes
suitable for family
non verbal
Children are born without prejudice yet are taught to see differences, and that one colour is better than others.

This is a story of a place, where every thing is forced to be in white color. A story of an old man name Siwa, who tries to keep everything in order, about a little girl name Malini, who would love to celebrate the beauty of colors.. and about a little bird that brings the symbol of a freedom.

The White World of Siwa and Malini is an interactive performance, where audiences will be involved in the story. It’s a performance that combines puppetry, shadow play, music, and acts.

This performance will be fit for family.

This is a story that will bring people to embrace the diversity, that different colors will bring richness in the heart and of course…. Happiness.

The White World of Siwa and Malini was a commissioned work of National Gallery of Singapore, as part of Children Biennale 2017.


trailer :