1200° ( Twelve Hundred Degrees)

1200° is a cinematic non-verbal puppetry and pottery performance with ASMR sounds.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre had a new experimentation on medium, and in 1200° , all of puppets they made were made out of ceramic.

In this piece, they embraced the sound from the materials, from surroundings. The piece would like to give the audience time to pause and to appreciate every little sounds around through ASMR sounds they used.

1200° is a story about pursuing a dream, how a creation tries to make itself… itself.

A little head made out of clay woke up, and found that the body parts that was put for it, was not what supposed to be. The little head tried to dig, to find the body parts that would meet its expectation. With lots of help from it friends, the little head had a journey to be comfort on its own choices.

1200° was part of the closing Program Peduli by The Asia Foundation. Program Peduli was initiated by The Asia Foundation to facilitate and empower marginal communities in Indonesia, including transgender communities, people with different abilities, indigenous people who live in Indonesian jungle, etc.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre started the process of 1200° by doing workshop with transgender communities in Yogyakarta.

People’s comments :

“very clever combination between materials and theme!”

“Because it is a non verbal piece, it allowed audiences to build their own stories. Awesome!”


“All puppets are so real!”

“Those details in the sounds.. are AMAZING!”


“Vulnerable yet beautiful”.


Trailer “1200° (Twelve Hundred Degrees)”

Articles about 1200° :

Artist in Residence with Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Papermoon Residency House is a home for artists from various different background, researcher, observer, puppet lovers who would like to get closer,  or to do the process of puppet performance making.

Papermoon Residency House is owned, independently funded and run by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, a puppet theatre company that is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As an international puppet theatre company established since 2006, Papermoon Puppet Theatre whom also initiated and hosted an international biennial puppet festival calls PESTA BONEKA has been hosted  hundreds of puppetry artists from around the world at their beloved hometown, Yogyakarta.

Doing the “Artist in Residence Program” with Papermoon Puppet Theatre means to inspire each other, learning from each other, and understanding their way to create and to live. Papermoon Residency House was built to create a sustainable ecosystem of puppetry scene in Yogyakarta. Papermoon Puppet Theatre works with other artists, other puppet companies to run the residency house and also the programs.

There is an open opportunity for artist in residence to do collaboration with other artists or communities in Yogyakarta.

As the way to keep a sustainability system for the house, we also rent the rooms and the house for anyone who would like to have an immersive arts experience while staying in Yogya for their vacation. Papermoon Residency House is also open for anyone who would like to have an immersive art experience.

The Program



  1. Puppetry artist (as individual, or group)
  2. Artists from different background who has interests on experiment in puppetry
  3. Researcher, or observer in puppetry
  4. Students or scholar who has interest in puppetry


You could choose weekly or monthly program, to do research, observation, retreat, or as you work in progress- process. By the end of your stay, you will need to do at least 1x presentation for public, which could be public lecture, discussion, or performance. Public presentation will be happened and facilitated at Papermoon’s studio or other artists’ studios.


  1. Room, and full facilitated house
  2. Shared studio
  3. Access to Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s studio*
  4. Presentation facilities
  5. Lunch (except Sunday and holiday)
  6. Opportunity to collaborate with local artists
  7. Cleaning service 2 times in a week
  8. Assistant (special request, additional cost)
  9. Wifi at Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s studio
  10. studio visit to other artists’ studio,
  11. Possibilities to do collaborative process
  12. Opportunities to perform or present your work.
  13. Dive to Yogyakarta’s arts scene!

*Materials for puppet making will not be included


Artist will need to pay to join Papermoon Residency Program, and pay for their own flight tickets, visa fee and transportation.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre could provide letters of recommendation for artists to apply for a grant.

I Know Something That You Don’t Know

I Know Something That You Don’t Know is a puppet theater performance unlike anything you have ever imagined.

binaural cinematic puppet performance, non verbal, for adults.

30 minutes

It is a nonverbal binaural mask and puppet performance that will be presented to one person in private.

Turn off the light, sit by yourself, put your headphones on, and watch it on your own.

This is a story about an old man, a father, a husband, whom surrounded by his children who’ve been mourning after their loss of the beloved one.


“The binaural experience.. is extraordinary!”

“Such an eerie, yet sad experience”

“It’s been so long since I cried on my own, and I am sure hundreds who watched felt the same way”

“Beyond expectation!”

“It brought me goosebumps!”

“Papermoon’s best virtual performance!”

“Such a tear-jerker performance”

The House

Papermoon Residency House

a place for artists who need a retreat to make new work, do research, collaboration, on puppetry fields in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This eco-friendly house located on the hill,  in the middle of terracotta artisan village, and surrounded by nature.  The house has huge green open space with beautiful garden where you could do

yoga, meditation, or even stargazing in the night.

The house facilitated with:

  1. 4 eco-friendly private rooms, with fan
  2. 3 bathrooms,
  3. 2 open studio,
  4. 1 shared kitchen
  5. 1 shared dining room
  6. books instead of Wifi

You could take weekly or monthly artists residency program with Papermoon Puppet Theatre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Papermoon Residency House is located in the middle of a village of terracotta artisans, 5 minutes biking from our studio.

Living in community compound will allow artists to interact with locals, doing exchanges with fellow artists from different disciplines. Sharing session, work in progress performance, studio visit, learn from the masters, will be part of the residency program.

Please contact us for joining our Residency Program, and to stay at Papermoon Residency House.

a Bucket of Beetles

Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s first cinematic puppet performance.

live streamed from Yogyakarta, INDONESIA.

Wehea is a little boy who lives in a big rain forest. Just like any other people who live there, Wehea has a special connection with nature. Even the smallest beings in the forest are his friends.

One day, Wehea sees a very special beetle. He then embarks on an adventure to meet the beetle; the ver special rhinoceros beetle who always searches for the lights and turns out to save his life.

“A Bucket of Beetles” is more than just a story of a beautiful friendship. It is a story about the connection between humans and nature.  A story that leaves us questioning ourselves: are we taking care of our water, soil, and air enough?

This play is based on a story told by a 5-years old little boy.

All designs of the animal puppets in the play are taken from his drawings.

This production will be presented as virtual, live streamed performance from our studio in Yogyakarta, INDONESIA.

Every performances will be followed by artist talk, stage tour, and studio visit.

Journey of “A Bucket of Beetles” :

August 1-2, 2020 : world premiere, virtually presented

October 1, 2020 : performed at Theatre Department Hunter College, CUNY

October 25, 2020 : performed under series of discussion about”Puppetry and Ecology”

Audiences’ comments :

“speechless, it gave me goosebumps!”
“magical performance for family”
“here is to our continuous effort to collectively cultivate interspecies, intergenerational, and intergroup collaboration towards peace and climate justice”
“the backstage tour was amazing!”
“love all the details in the show”
“never imagined a virtual performance could be this warm”
“Glad i could watch this virtual production from East Indonesia”
“Love this piece so much, i watched this in Chile!”
“a little child story, to a masterpiec

“It reminds me to Mellies’ movies”

after the show




PUPA “Puppet Lab”

Versi Bahasa Indonesia/ Indonesian Version


Papermoon Puppet Theatre membuka kesempatan bagi seniman lintas disiplin untuk mengikuti serangkaian workshop eksperimental untuk membuat pementasan teater boneka, maupun teater objek dalam sebuah projek dengan tajuk  ; PUPA “Puppet Lab”.

Seniman peserta dan kolaborator mereka akan menghadiri pertemuan wajib seminggu sekali, selama 1 bulan untuk mengembangkan projek mereka, berbagi temuan-temuan dan pertanyaan mengenai teater boneka, teknik memainkan, desain, mendiskusikan plot cerita, pengembangan karakter, dan juga menyusun narasi pertunjukan.

Di akhir sesi, seniman akan mempresentasikan temuan mereka selama mengikuti PUPA “Puppet Lab”


PUPA “Puppet Lab” #1 : childhood

Cara mendaftar :

  1. Individual / kelompok
  2. Setiap seniman sudah memiliki tim kerja masing-masing ( maksimal 5 orang )
  3. CV
  4. Proposal dan deskripsi karya
  5. Sasaran penonton : ANAK-ANAK
  6. Memiliki komitmen kuat untuk berproses selama 1 bulan, selama bulan Juli 2019
  7. Bersedia dan bisa menghadiri pertemuan wajib pada tanggal  4 Juli, 11 Juli, 18 Juli and 26 Juli 2019
  8. Memiliki komitmen untuk melakukan presentasi di akhir periode PUPA “Puppet Lab”#1
  9. Kirimkan Proposal & ISI FORM DISINI

PUPA “Puppet Lab” #1 akan menyediakan:

  1. Tim fasilitator dari Papermoon Puppet Theatre untuk mendampingi proses selama 1 bulan
  2. Makanan dan subsidi pengganti transport dalam kota untuk 4 pertemuan
  3. Karya terpilih akan mendapat kesempatan untuk diproduksi oleh Papermoon Puppet Theatre setelah PUPA “Puppet Lab”#1


Tanggal Penting :

  1. Tenggat akhir proposal : 8 Juni 2019
  2. Pengumuman proposal terpilih : 15 Juni 2019
  3. Pertemuan wajib (sehari penuh)  :  4 Juli 2019, 11 Juli 2019, 18 Juli 2019, 26 Juli 2019
  4. Presentasi karya tumbuh : 26 Juli 2019



  2. Partisipan bisa menjadwalkan pertemuan dengan fasilitator di luar kelas wajib.



(English version)

Papermoon Puppet Theatre hosts experimental workshop for artists developing interdisciplinary projects for puppet and object theater; PUPA “Puppet Lab”.

Participating artists and their collaborators meet weekly over a period of 1 month to develop projects, share puppetry elements and other design and technical ideas, discuss plot structure and character development, and work on narrative.

By the end of the process, there will be a “work in progress” presentation by each artist.




PUPA “Puppet Lab” #1 : childhood

How to apply :

  1. Individual / group
  2. Each artist already have a team ( max. 5 person)
  3. CV
  4. Proposal and description of your performance
  5. Target audience : CHILDREN
  6. Have a strong commitment for 1 month working process on July 2019
  7. Could attend 4 primary meetings on 4 July, 11 July, 18 July and 26 July 2019
  8. Have a commitment to do presentation by the end of PUPA “Puppet Lab”.

PUPA “Puppet Lab” will provide :

  1. Facilitators from Papermoon Puppet Theatre to assist your process for 1 month
  2. Foods, local transportation fee for 4 meetings.
  3. Chosen works will get the opportunity to be produced by Papermoon Puppet Theatre after PUPA “Puppet Lab”


Important Dates :

  1. Proposal deadline : 8 June 2019
  2. Announcement of chosen proposal : 15 June 2019
  3. Primary meetings (full day)  :  4 July 2019, 11 July 2019, 18 July 2019, 26 July 2019
  4. Work in Progress presentation : 26 July 2019



  1. This program is FREE ADMISSION.
  2. Participants could arrange more sessions with facilitators, beside the primary sessions.