a Bucket of Beetles

Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s first cinematic puppet performance.

live streamed from Yogyakarta, INDONESIA.

Wehea is a little boy who lives in a big rain forest. Just like any other people who live there, Wehea has a special connection with nature. Even the smallest beings in the forest are his friends.

One day, Wehea sees a very special beetle. He then embarks on an adventure to meet the beetle; the ver special rhinoceros beetle who always searches for the lights and turns out to save his life.

“A Bucket of Beetles” is more than just a story of a beautiful friendship. It is a story about the connection between humans and nature.  A story that leaves us questioning ourselves: are we taking care of our water, soil, and air enough?

This play is based on a story told by a 5-years old little boy.

All designs of the animal puppets in the play are taken from his drawings.

This production will be presented as virtual, live streamed performance from our studio in Yogyakarta, INDONESIA.

Every performances will be followed by artist talk, stage tour, and studio visit.

after the show

PUNO (Letters To The Sky)

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“The piece is well crafted, incredibly nuanced and extremely bittersweet. Against an intricate and mobile set, the performers skillfully manipulate the puppets with precision and finesse, taking the audience through a sensitive journey that is not overtly sentimental.The moment of stillness also give us space to reflect on the certainty of time and the fragility of life.The piece is not about death. Instead, it is a hopeful poem reminding us that the ones we love will never leave us. Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

Caleb Lee,Researcher of Southeast Asian Theatre for Young Audience, Singapore.


PUNO (Letters To The Sky) is an original play by Papermoon Puppet Theatre about dealing with losing the beloved one.

Got inspired by a loss of parents, brother, best friend, and child, this play is dedicated to the people who missed their beloved one who already passed away.

PUNO (Letters To The Sky) is inviting audience from age 7+ to learn how to feel the loss as an emotional experience, so we could appreciate what we have today.


Tala is a little girl trying to cope with the departure of her beloved father, Puno. As a young girl who has lost her father, she feels anger and sadness at the thought of being neglected by her loved one. She writes about her feelings towards her father, but she could never sent it…

Until, she finds out that the souls of your loved ones remain around for 40 days after their death. Now, Tala has the chance to live alongside her father Puno for 40 more days. Will Tala share with Puno the contents of her letter? How will she say goodbye to him at the end of 40 days?



14-16 May, 2020   : ASSITEJ 20th World Congress & Performing Arts Festival in Tokyo, Japan (postponed to 2021)

22-24 May, 2020   : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in Wakabacho WHARF, Yokohama, Japan (postponed to 2021)


22-23 June, 2019          :  Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in Wei Wu Ying Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

15-17 February, 2019  : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in Rafi Peer International Puppet Festival, Lahore-Pakistan, 


4-8 July                      : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in Indonesien Francais Institute, Yogyakarta-Indonesia

6 June                          : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in CSB SDA Black Box Theatre De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, Manila, The Philippines

3 June                             : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” in Spotlight Theatre, Manila- The Philippines

29-30 May                   : Performance of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)” at 100&100 More Festival in The Artground, Singapore

19-20 May                   : World premiere of “PUNO (Letters To The Sky)”- the new version of “Surat Ke Langit” at Bangkok International Children Theatre Festival (BICT Fest) in Creative Industries, Bangkok-Thailand




Reviews of PUNO (Letters To The Sky)






A light, bright, shinny paper was made its journey right after that place.

From a table of puppet maker, to the room of a woodblock artist,

From a dark, wet small room to the journey of the monks…

It’s there, to keep all stories that you couldn’t remember.

The paper is translucent.

Just like our memory.

Just like the relationship between you and me.


The TRANSLUCENCE is the result of Papermoon Puppet Theatre 1 month residency in Kochi, at a washi paper mill.


This is a story of a place, where every thing is forced to be in white color. A story of an old man name Siwa, who tries to keep everything in order, about a little girl name Malini, who would love to celebrate the beauty of colors.. and about a little bird that brings the symbol of a freedom.

The White World of Siwa and Malini is an interactive performance, where audiences will be involved in the story. It’s a performance that combines puppetry, shadow play, music, and acts.

This performance will be fit for family.

This is a story that will bring people to embrace the diversity, that different colors will bring richness in the heart and of course…. Happiness.

The White World of Siwa and Malini was a commissioned work of National Gallery of Singapore, as part of Children Biennale 2017.


trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10dmB02cFbI


The Old Man’s Books

The Old Man’s Books also includes an all-ages puppetry workshop, which is conducted by artists from Papermoon Puppet Theatre in the days before the performance. The puppets that the participants make become part of the show.

Note: For more information about our workshops, please see the “Workshops” page.


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“For puppets that speak no words, and have just one unmoving facial expression, it’s incredible how emotionally expressive they can be.”

Asia Calling, 2016

Additional Press


Prani and the accompanying installation, Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary), were commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum as part of its “Imaginarium 2016” program.

Note: For more information about the accompanying installation, please see Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary) under Installations & Exhibitions.”



Sematakaki was created by Papermoon Puppet Theatre in residence at the University of New Hampshire, USA in collaboration with the students of its Department of Theatre and Dance. The project was supported by the University’s program Cultural Stages: The Woodward International Drama and Dance Initiative.





In her journey to find her son, Watugunung, who ran away from her, Dewi gains magical powers, marries a king—and discovers a terrible secret that will change her life forever.


The Journey of Watugunung

  • Schaubude Berlin; Berlin, Germany (May 2016)
  • Edwin’s Gallery; Jakarta, Indonesia (November 2014)
  • Ark Galerie; Yogyakarta, Indonesia (January 2014)